Finnish Blessing of the Sower

January 12, 2011

Blessing to the seed I scatter,
Where it falls upon the meadow,
By the grace of Ukko mighty,
Through the open finger spaces
Of the hand that all things fashioned.
Queen of meadow-land and pasture!
Bid the earth unlock her treasures.
Bid the soil the young seed nourish,
Never shall their teeming forces
Never shall their strength prolific
Fail to nourish and sustain us
If the Daughters of Creation,
They, the free and bounteous givers
Still extend their, gracious favor
Offer still their strong protection.
Rise, O Earth! from out thy slumbers
Bid the soil unlock her treasures!

– Finnish pagan blessing


One Response to “Finnish Blessing of the Sower”

  1. Aurora Falsestart said

    Just so long as some opportunistic corporate entity doesn’t get there first.

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