House Blessing (United Church of Christ)

January 14, 2011

May the strength of the foundation of this house be in you, O God.
May God provide many blessings to this house and to every person
who resides in it.
May everyone who lives under this roof be honest and wise.

May the Holy Word cover you in its divine light and may it
enlighten your steps through this world.

Do not allow love to decrease among the children,
but let it blossom and become mature.

May the doors of this house be always open
to those who need friendship, love, bread, and solace.

May voices only be raised to bless and to say good things
about others.
Allow your children to forgive one another’s mistakes
and forget their small misunderstandings and quarrels.
Let the sun never set while they are upset.

May many come to know God through the testimony
of all who live here.

May all sing praises and hymns of thanksgiving to you, O God,
for all the blessings you will pour out,
from this day forward, upon this family.

– adapted from a blessing used by the United Church of Christ. The source text says it is drawn from a blessing used in Hispanic congregations.


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