Vernal Blessing

March 20, 2011

When holds the soul its festival,
O’er things which late a wreck have been?
When do the morning breezes call
Young violets to behold their queen:
And all the dewy primrose flowers,
Spread charms around their native bowers?
When April comes.

When laughs the eye of childish years,
To chase the roving butterfly?
When is the hawthorn hung with tears,
Reflecting all the fresh blue sky?
When are waves in murmurs sounding–
Proudly swelling–lightly bounding?
When Spring appears.

Then fields begin to show their pride,
And bear her welcome voice from far:
The Health, all joyful at her side,
Awaits to guide her radiant car;
On to earth, with rapture pressing
Shedding there each vernal blessing.
O earth be glad!

– excerpt from “Nature Rejoicing” in
The Christian offering; lyrical poems and prose pieces by George B. Scott


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