Cowboy Blessing

June 5, 2011

May the rains fall on your pastures
and the grass grow belly high.
May your calves get fat and sassy
and none of your cows be dry.
May your horses be sure footed
and blessed with good cow sense.
May your neighbours lend a hand
when it’s time to fix the fence.
May the sun shine on your crops
when you harvest in the fall.
May your handshake be considered
your word by one and all.
When your life is filled with laughter
or when it’s sad and grey,
may those you love be with you
to share each blessed day.

– Anne Slade, 1998 as posted on


2 Responses to “Cowboy Blessing”

  1. Suze said

    I like the part about the handshake.

  2. Brenda said

    Shawn, I love this one! Wishing for long ago times:)
    I do so enjoy these daily blessings-thank you again for the time you put in to send these. I love you lots, Mom

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