Blessing of a Radio Station

June 14, 2011

God, who ordered all things in creation in a marvelous way,
determining even their measure, number, and weight;
and who gave man a share in your knowledge,
thus enabling us to detect and control
the latent forces with which you endowed the things of the universe;
be pleased, we pray, to bless these instruments
made for transmitting wavelengths of sound through the air,
spreading out in all directions as instantaneously as lightning.
Let them carry messages of aid in times of crises,
of solace in times of distress,
of advice in times of doubt,
of light in times of darkness.

– adapted from “Blessing of a Radio Station” on


One Response to “Blessing of a Radio Station”

  1. Suze said

    Today is the day, Shawn. My very blood and bones know it.

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