Blessing of a Priestess

July 6, 2011

May you be the friend of That which is eternal and abides.

May you quarrel never with those nearest you; but if you do,
may you be swiftly reconciled and your quarrel mended.

May you never devise evil against another;
and if any devise such against you,
may you escape unharmed and without need of harming.

May you rejoice never in the ill fortune of those who have wronged you;
the Wheel will see the wrong made right.

May you wish for the happiness and weal of all, and envy none.

May you love, seek, serve and attain only That which is good.

– from the blog of Patricia Kennealy-Morrison, author, Celtic Pagan high priestess, retired rock critic, and wife of Jim Morrison of The Doors


One Response to “Blessing of a Priestess”

  1. Suze said

    I like it, Shawn. A lot.

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