To the Warriors Amongst Us

August 1, 2011

To all of the Warriors amongst us, for us and against us:

We get you. We are with you. We understand you and……….we love you.

You are why we (the Human Race) are still here breathing and surviving on this lowly Earthly plane. If it weren’t for you and what you have done for (ALL of) us on this planet, we would be long gone. We would have gone the way of the Neanderthal and be mostly forgotten by now.

We cannot thank you and express our appreciation for you enough.

Now we need to say what must be said. Please take a deep and cleansing breathe.

It’s time. Time for the break. Time for the coming down. Time for the big change. The change that you all have led the way for. Your work, your hard-@!$%#ing work, is done. This, my comrades and country-men, is what you have fought for all of your live(s).

The time for the real blood-shed is over. We love you and couldn’t praise you more for what you have done. What you have done was so neccessary, it is to be so obvious that no one person can express the appropriateness of your work.

Yet…it is over.

Can you see that the stepping stone, for that is really all that it is, (I know that hurts) that you have helped us all to evolve to is now without need or want for violence any longer?

The laying down of Arms is the true calling now. Your brothers and sisters await your return and your loving understanding that the fight is not between human and human, it has always and continues to be between the puppeteers and the puppets.

Soldiers….warriors are not puppets any longer.

Know it.

Live it.

To be a true warrior now is to truly love ALL human beings, regardless of color, creed, place, time, heritage, political place, or family.

I am NOT saying anything that you (in your heart of hearts) don’t already know to be true and honest.

Let’s move ahead to the next reality.

We Humans need you Warriors to lead the way.

– from a newsvine post by Deneen Tomayko.


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