September 5, 2011

“It is accomplished.”

– Jesus’ final words from the cross after the resisting the last temptation.
From the screenplay for The Last Temptation of Christ by Paul Schrader, adapted from the novel by Nikos Kazantzakis.


2 Responses to “Finally”

  1. Suze said

    How can one comment on this and do it justice?

  2. Indeed, there is not much that can be said, but these are three words that provide substance for infinite meditation. To internalize this final situation that Jesus experienced on the cross is to be liberated and to feel God’s embrace of our humanity and to crawl into the special place in God’s heart that he has for each of us.

    Jesus was the prime example of human limitation transcending a life and bringing the divine to dwell among mortals. In his last moment, I imagine the crucible of human emotion in his heart–the purest love, the explosive release of peace, the intense sense of completion from having navigated his story. My heart swells to think that Jesus came to the end of his journey by taking one step at a time, continuously sensing the tenuous connection to the divine Spirit of God to lead him down the True path. He showed us the way of faith and called us to our true humanity with his life.

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