Grab the rope

September 15, 2011

In waters calm I sailed from shore
To see what I might see.
And having never sailed before
I drifted aimlessly.
A warm breeze rocked my boat until
In slumber I fell sound,
But woke to find the light grown dim
And dark clouds gathering ’round.

In haste I worked at turning back,
But now the wind blew wrong.
And when the night came cold and black,
My strength was almost gone.
But with one last small thread of hope,
I bowed my head to pray.
Then through the dark I saw a rope
And heard a calm voice say:

“Grab the rope. Hold it tight.
In the distance shines a light.
Neither fear nor feel alone.
There is one who’ll lead you home.”

– lyrics from “The Rope” as performed by Martina McBride on her first album The Time Has Come


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