Prayer for clemency

September 21, 2011

God of all, we gather together in community. We gather as people of conscience and as people of faith. We gather here in one spirit and with one purpose.

Miracle working God, we continue to put our faith in your love for creation and in your divine justice. We ask for your peace, which passes all understanding and we pray that your justice, which surpasses human imperfection, be done on earth. We long for your peace and justice.

Omnipotent God, we know that all things are possible for you. We know that a way can always be made for your love and your justice. We know that you can make the sun to cast out the darkness at any time. We pray that your light will shine on us and cast out the darkness of this world.

Gracious God, we acknowledge the imperfection of human judgment. We acknowledge that we make mistakes. We acknowledge that our highest institutions, in which we put our confidence, are fallible, just as we as individuals are fallible. We acknowledge that you are the ultimate source of all justice. We ask for humility and grace.

Creator God, we pray for all who govern and all who are invested with power to make decisions for our community. Give them strength and courage to seek your truth and your justice.

God of all life, you value all human life and command us to do likewise. Help us to honor life as you do.

History‐changing God, just as the modern-day prophet, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., called on the words of the ancient prophet Amos, we ask that “justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.” Sustain all those who are entangled in the tragic cycle of capital punishment. Spark human action to prevent human injustice. Bless us and our efforts to do your work of peacemaking and justice. Strengthen us to be instruments of your love, your peace and your justice.

– adapted from “Interfaith Prayer for Healing and Justice”, a liturgy created by Amnesty International for services praying for the life of Troy Davis in Georgia. His execution by the state of Georgia is scheduled for Wednesday, September 21, 2011. Since being convicted in 1991 and placed on death row, seven of nine witnesses have recanted their testimony against Troy, placing his conviction in serious doubt. Read more about how to help Troy here.


One Response to “Prayer for clemency”

  1. Suze said

    ‘Spark human action to prevent human injustice.’

    Couldn’t have said it better.

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