Realize the treasure that is yours

December 16, 2011

The owner of a small business, a friend of the poet Olavo Bilac, met him on the street and asked, “Mr. Bilac, I need to sell my small farm, the one you know so well. Could you please write an announcement for the paper?”

Bilac wrote: “For sale: a beautiful property, where birds sing at dawn in extensive woodland, bi-sected by the brilliant and sparkling waters of a large stream. The house is bathed by the rising sun. It offers tranquil shade in the evenings on the veranda.”

Some time later, the poet met his friend and asked whether he had sold the property to which he replied: “I’ve changed my mind. When I read what you had written, I realized the treasure that was mine.”

– Author unknown, story recounted on


2 Responses to “Realize the treasure that is yours”

  1. Brenda said

    Shawn ,this is so touching and true. Many times it takes some else’s view to help us see the beauty of the treasures in our life as we so often take for granted our gift’s from God. Love you!

  2. Suze said

    I see, plainly, my treasure. And I am grateful for you, every day.

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