Festival of Light

December 20, 2011

Through all there is and all there will be,
Let us open our Hearts for the entire world to see.

We need to know within ourselves…
that spark of Light
is burning bright.

That space inside where Angels delve
is where we try with all our might
to have that spark of Peace ignite.

We need to know the world can see
that Peace is what is meant to be.

So for at least this day
close your eyes and pray
that God will hear our hearts so pure
to send this world a needed cure.

May a festival of lights so bright
eradicate the wrongs in this world…
at least for just one night.
May they shine with Love and Gratitude
to create the world anew.

Let us come together as family…
for this is meant to be…

– from BlessedRose.com


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