Donde estas machismo?

December 8, 2011

For American men, to be a family man now is not only OK but increasingly the new accepted male role—the new macho. And Americans learn that the old macho stereotype in no way fits all modern Mexican or Hispanic males. Or, to put matters in another way, we see a historic change in this country, and we now can under-stand what macho really means, that macho is not automatically a put-down but rather can be a quality to admire.

– excerpt from “Becoming Bicultural”, a column by Richard C. Campbell in the El Paso Scene.


Family Blessing

March 11, 2011

May God bless your family.
May God strengthen each of you.
May God dwell in your hearts.
May God inspire you to share God’s love with one another.
May you be held in God’s arms of love.

– adapted from Family Blessings, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.