God’s Nets

August 19, 2011

The sea is with Christ
And the fish are with Christ.
May we be swept into God’s nets.

– excerpt from “The Harvest is with Christ”, a traditional Gaelic prayer


Nine Gifts

July 23, 2011

We bathe your palms
In the showers of wine,
In the crook of the kindling,
In the seven elements,
In the sap of the tree,
In the milk of honey,

We place nine pure, choice gifts
In your clear beloved face:

The gift of form,
The gift of voice,
The gift of fortune,
The gift of goodness,
The gift of eminence,
The gift of charity,
The gift of integrity,
The gift of true nobility,
The gift of apt speech.

– traditional Gaelic blessing

Found onĀ faithandworship.com.