Blessing of the Desert

June 11, 2011

The monk knelt at his rock-hewn door
Ere the sun had fired the day;
He stretched wide arms of love, to bless
The Desert vast and gray;
Rich light of faith shone in his eyes,
Rich tears of joy he shed:
“O wondrous Garden of the Lord,
Here at my feet outspread!
What odours rise, what bridal songs
What endless flowers unfold!
What silver lights among the leaves!
What dews of glinting gold!
O Lord! O Love! O thought most sweet!
What joys in Heaven are mine,
Where here on earth Thou has set my feet
‘Mid lily and rose and vine!”

– from “The Desert” by Paul England, published in The Pall Mall magazine, 1903.


Blessing for a garden

February 26, 2011

Holy God,
creator of all that is good,
bless this earth,
and bless these seeds of life.
Bless the hands
that plant, water, and weed.
Give us patience to tend our garden
and eyes to see
your beauty revealed here.
Bless all animals and insects of the garden,
that we may coexist peacefully.
Bless all who visit here;
may it give them joy.
Help garden and gardeners to grow,
day by day, in your grace.

— from Paschal Mission 2009 by Liturgy Training Publications