Hear the wind

September 26, 2011

The Eagle wasn’t always the Eagle.
The Eagle, before he became the Eagle, was Yucatangee, the Talker.
Yucatangee talked and talked. It talked so much it heard only itself.
Not the river, not the wind, not even the Wolf.
The Raven came and said, “The Wolf is hungry. If you stop talking,
you’ll hear him. The wind, too. And when you hear the wind, you’ll fly.”
So, he stopped talking, and became its nature, the Eagle.
The Eagle soared, and its flight said all it needed to say.

– spoken by the character Marilyn Whirlwind on the television show Northern Exposure



August 21, 2011

That so long as we enjoy the light of day,
we may greet one another as kindred.

– Pueblo Indian prayer