Short and long in the winter

December 23, 2011

From the rising of the midwinter sun to its setting
Scatter the darkness with the light of your love, O Shining One.
Make me short on mean thoughts, long on offering words of comfort
Make me short on being driven, long on paying attention
Make me short on focusing only on my own, long on looking beyond
Make me short on obsessive lists, long on spontaneous acts of kindness
Make me short on mindless activity, long on time to reflect
Make me short on tradition as a habit, long on re-discovery and re-owning
Make me short on rushing and tiring, long on walking and wondering
Make me short on false festive jollity, long on stilling and rooted joy
Make me short on guilt, long on being merciful to myself
Make me short on being overwhelmed, long on peaceableness as I set forth this day

– “A Mid-Winter Prayer” by Tess Ward, from The Celtic Wheel of the Year


Abide the winter

December 21, 2011

Heavenly Father, bless us one and all.
In our weakness,
have mercy on each of us.
Fill us with your divine love
that unites us as the body of Christ.
Write into our hearts
your wisdom.
Send your spirit to lead us
until we reach our fullest potential
as soul friends to one another. 

– original blessing by Shawn Gay.
To accompany this blessing, please listen to the song “Abide the Winter” by William Ackermann, from the collection A Winter’s Solstice by Windham Hill.