Blessing for a Poet

February 6, 2011

Your poem
is not simply about the words you choose
or even the words that choose you.
It is about being
the way you are —
sometimes without rhyme or reason
but always with integrity and passion.
May the Maker bless
all you are making of your life,
as you discover that of God in you.

– Jan Sutch Pickard, in A Book of Blessings and How to Write Your Own by Ruth Burgess


Blessing for Writers

February 2, 2011

May you always remember the thrill
of being swept away by a really good book.
May the words you’re typing on the page be
as worthy as the words running through your mind.
May your deadline be behind you.
May a good story lie ahead of you.
And as we go forth,
may you always enjoy the journey to finding those two perfect words:

The End.

– “A Writer’s Blessing”, copyright Lisa Gardner, 2004 (found at link here).