Prayer for Samhain morning

October 26, 2011

Lady of the Harvest, now is the time
to feast and frolic, for we meet
on the edge of Winter’s shadow.
All the seed that was sown in
Springtime past has long
been reaped;
the fields stand barren, empty
and the spirit shall soon turn inward.
The world’s fabric grows thin and
souls of the dead pass by on their
way to the Summerland.
Bless their passing, for though to some it
seems an ending,
this exodus of spirit foreshadows new beginnings.
Thus do we celebrate the dawn of the New Year.
Blessed Be.

– prayer by Ravenna Angelline


The Turning

September 16, 2011

May the children of Earth awaken, rise up,
and be about the sacred healing of our home.
In the way of our ancestors, we honor the Turning.

– blessing for the turning of the seasons as found on